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Filament Division over the years has established itself as a major source of supply of Tungsten coils and wires to Indian Lighting Industry.
Established its brand amongst major Lamp/Light source manufacturers in Europe, Africa, Middle East, South East Asia & immediate neigbouring countries.
Export of filaments & wires account for more than 60% of turnover. Emerged as the largest exporter of Tungsten wires & coils from India. Exports to over 20 countries.
Rare level of consistency of product and services ensured World's major Lighting Companies as customer.
Coiled Coil GLS Filament
Cathodes for Fluorescent Tube Lamp
Cathodes for Compact Fluorescent Tube
Anchor Wire For incandescent lamps
Re Drawn Tungsten Wire for GLS coil Production
Re Drawn Tungsten Wire for Fluorescent coil Production
Cleaned & annealed molybdenum wire (Mandrel Wire) for GLS/ cathode Production
Black Molybdenum Wire - Suitable for Redrawing or Direct Use for Coil Manufacturing

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