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WEBFIL LIMITED is a joint venture company formed by WBIDC - WEST BENGAL INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (A Government of West Bengal Undertaking) and Group Companies of ANDREW YULE & CO. LTD. (A Government of India Enterprise)

WEBFIL LIMITED was incorporated in 1979 for the manufacture of Tungsten Filaments for GLS/incandescent lamps and Cathodes for Fluoroscent and Compact Fluorascent Tubes, in association with FALMA FABRIQUE De LAMPS S.A (now known as Montena Machinaries) of Switzerland and O.Y. AIRAM AB of Finland. Today WEBFIL is the largest exporter of Filaments/Tungten & Molybdenum wires from India.

To enlarge its horizon in newer hi-tech areas, WEBFIL diversified into the areas of Electronics & Telecommunications.
The DIGITAL SYSTEMS division of WEBFIL came into operation in 1988 and commenced its operation in the field of Digital Microwave Radio, PCM Multiplexing Equipment and various other Microprocessor based Systems. In harmony with the ever-changing global trends,WEBFIL launched into Fiber Optic Cable based Communications system and over the years, has emerged as one of the majors in manufacturing equipment and providing TURN-KEY solutions in the field of Optical Fiber communication systems.

The manufacturing infrastructure of WEBFIL LIMITED, located at Kalyani, covering an area of 22,388 Sq. Mtrs. is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology in both its FILAMENT and DIGITAL divisions.


  Board of Directors
    Shri Jayanta Ray, Chairman
    Shri Sujit Chakravorti, Director
    Shri Asoke Kumar Dutt, Director
    Shri Debasis Konar, Director
    Shri Soumen Das, Director
    Shri Sanjoy Bhattacharya, Director (Resigned on 07.11.2019)
    Shri Kothenath Mohan, Director (Appointed on 11.02.2020)
    Shri Ashis Chakraborty, Director (Resigned on 28.05.2019)
    Shri Debasis Jana, Director (Resigned on 28.05.2019)
    Shri Partha Dasgupta, Director (Appointed on 1.6.2019)
    Shri Soubhagya Parida, Director (Appointed in 28.5.2019)
    Smt. Sujata Roy, Director
  Head of Organisation (CEO)
     Shri Anirban Gupta, Chief Executive Officer
  Contact information of the designated officials who are responsible for assisting and handling investor grievances:
     Ms. Sneha Kewat, Company Secretary & Compliance Officer
Telephone no. - (033)22428210/2102/8550 ( Extn. no. 150 )
Fax No. - 91 (33) 22421335
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