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Universal Block Interface Equipment UBX 2000 is a failsafe equipment envisaged to become an integral partof the Railways Signal Communication Scheme. Designed and developed indigenously at WEBFIL, the equipment is ready for incorporation into the services of the Indian Railways.


The Universal Block interface equipment UBX 2000 is meant for interfacing various signaling information of a block instrument at one end of a block section, and exchanging them with the block interface equipment at other end, through digital transmission equipment (Optical or Radio), ensuring high degree of safety and availability.

A foolproof logic sequence and relay interlocking ensure safety of a Block instrument. Safety for the block equipment means correct acquiring of the signal and error – free reproduction at the other end. Any deviation or failure detected leads the systems to a failsafe state.

Safety First & Safety Always

The scope of use of UBX 2000 leaves no room for error and this fact has been the guiding principle in designing and manufacturing of this product. Watchdog procedure has been incorporated at every stage of its functioning in both hardware and software levels. Numerous crosschecks & feedback precede any action. This combined with the 2/3 – majority decision logic derived from the three individual processors acting independently makes the system failsafe and tamper – proof. Stringent quality control procedure at every stage starting right from procurement up to the final testing ensures heavy –duty performance under diverse environmental conditions.


Simple, modular and rugged design.
Designed for fail –safe operation.
Triple redundant hardware at all levels with 2/3 decision logic ensuring high degrees of safety and at the same time allowing availability.
Systems meets CENELEC & ORE 155 guidelines for safety and reliability
Systems meet RDSO specification SPN-144 and SPN-147/97 for all types of Block Instruments in operation in Indian Railways.
16 bit Intel 80C 196KC Microcontroller allows better software management.
CMOS/FET active components ensures low power consumption and reliability
Hi – rel components, relays and connectors used ensuring high MTBF.
Rugged communication protocol for transmission of error free data.
Dual power supply in hot stand-by mode increases system availability.
Environmental specifications meet QM333 category B2.
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