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The advanced design of the plant & equipment, predominantly Swiss & German, backed by sophisticated international knowhow, has made it possible for WEBFIL to produce filaments of the highest international standards. The most advanced quality control and production equipments ensure a rare level of perfection. Some examples of advanced technology at WEBFIL :

  • Crack detection device sensitive to filament wire not more than 1/5th the diameter of a human hair.
  • IR Radiation Pyrometer to ensure proper heat treatment at all drawing stages.
  • Precision Tensile testing machine capable of checking tensile strength and elongation of wires as thin as 15 micron.
  • Sophisticated European machines for die cutting and maintenance.
  • Automatic laser guided cutting machines that can be preset to ensure super accurate leg lengths.
  • Fully automatic single coil & double coil machineries.
  • Electronically programmed fully automatic dissolving plant for perfect molybdenum free filament.
  • Puridrier arrangement for Hydrogen purification & drying to ensure contamination free environment for annealing.


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